Who is The Invisible Trendsetter?

Hi. I’m Chelsea. I’m a stay-at-home mom that’s been a hippie and germophobe for as long as I can remember. I’m obsessed with black labs, trashy TV, and Michael Bolton. I love sunrises, and I’m perpetually torn between the mountains and the beach. There’s no problem that a clean house, a candle and a long walk won’t solve.

I retired from quality control when I had my first baby. Quality control is where they stick the people with OCD and zero filter. I can be judgy and honest to a fault – which makes me a great candidate for writing really honest reviews but not for making friends. I started this blog to help other families avoid a basement full of useless garbage and experiences that waste your time on this plane of existence.

My husband is a handsome engineer by day and a WordPress samurai by night. He keeps the gears grinding on this site, otherwise my brain would explode and he would have to manage the kids all by himself.

Together, we have three kids, three dogs and live with next-level noise in New England.

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